Mission: We are a performing arts community that teaches the arts in an after school program. We also provide tailor made productions for school performances and presentations. 

Our values: 

We value people and believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. This is a value we will model and expect from our students. 

We value purpose. We believe that everyone has a purpose. And a key to a fulfilled life is living a life on purpose. When students are aware of their purpose early in life, they are able to make choices that point them in the right direction. 

We value passion and it’s necessity to fulfill purpose or hopes and dreams. It’s the fuel for life’s engine. We will support and nurture the next generation of passionate performing and technical artists.

Responding  to a need that was created when it was decided to remove arts and physical education from the core curriculum, Hope-Central provides afforadable quality performing and technical arts classes  to students K-8th grade in the urban communities of Lansing.